3″ x 5″ Clear Adhesive Pocket Sleeves


Do you need clear adhesive pockets for 3×5 index cards? If so, we introduce to you the ProSimpli 3×5-inch clear adhesive pocket sleeve. Our self adhesive index card holder sleeves are perfect for using 3×5-inch index cards as labels. They adhere perfectly to storage bins, moving boxes, notebooks, totes, shelves, and much more.

50 adhesive pocket sleeves per box!


Guaranteed to Fit 3×5 inch Index Cards
This product is made specifically for holding 3×5-inch index cards. One pocket can hold single or multiple standard index cards, heavyweight index cards, or extra-thick index cards.

The Right Amount of Stickiness
Easy to peel, stick, and won’t lose adhesion easily. They will stick to most surfaces.

Strong, Durable Plastic
Plastic pouch window won’t tear, warp or wrinkle. Seams strongly welded and durable.

Crystal Clear Quality
Excellent pocket clarity for seeing what’s inside.

Great for Labeling and Organizing

  • plastic bins / storage bins / totes
  • photo albums / scrapbooks
  • fabric boxes / fabric bins (to an extent, fabric is tricky)
  • binders / notebooks / journals
  • moving boxes / shipping containers
  • walls / doors
  • cabinets / dressers / drawers / shelves
  • monitors
  • school notes
  • book covers / student planners
  • student desks / student lockers
  • cardboard storage boxes
  • recipe cards
  • classroom activity bins
  • filing cabinets

Use In These Locations

  • office / office cubicle
  • school / classroom
  • bedroom / bathroom / kitchen
  • garage / basement / closet
  • library
  • retail store
  • break room
  • toy room / nursery
  • daycare
  • animal shelter

More ideas

  • Christmas decorations containers
  • Name tags
  • Gun cases
  • Buckets
  • Arts and crafts
  • Interior car windows