20-Card 3″ x 5″ Index Card Holder Sleeve


Make your notes visible and accessible to remember more of what you learn.

Tony Robbins said:

Repetition is the mother of skill.

Dale Carnegie said:

Learning is an active process. We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.

If you believe that learning is an active process that requires practice,┬áthen the ProSimpli Index Card Organizer is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s much more than an index card organizer; it’s a repeatable learning system that rewards you for capture notes in your own words and keeping them present at all times. The more you review and apply the material, the more strongly you learn it. It’s that simple.

With our product, you have your most important notes within sight at all times.

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The ProSimpli index card holder is a plastic sleeve that holds up to twenty 3 inch x 5 inch index cards with just two push pins. You can hang on your wall, in your office cubicle, in the classroom, in meeting rooms, bedrooms, and anywhere else you need to visualize information.

Common Use-cases

  • studying for a test in school (any grade level)
  • teaching yourself a new subject (new language, programming)
  • to-do list
  • scheduling and planning
  • tracking projects, tasks and goals
  • hang in your office cubicle at work for quick visibility to job-related info
  • coupon organizer
  • picture holder (3″ x 5″ or less)
  • vision board
  • attractive presentations for work or school
  • kitchen dinner and recipes planner

They’re great for accessing information visually and quickly

When you find yourself repeatedly accessing the same information that you don’t want to bother memorizing, that’s where our notecard holder sleeves really come in handy. In an office setting, it’s common to have to access phone numbers, phone extensions, internal codes or IDs, notes for a specific process, and so on. Our index card holder gives you the flexibility to write down what matters most to you, and make it accessible right next to you as you work. When you need to access it, a simple glance is all it takes as a reminder. This saves you tons of time by not having to search for the information stored somewhere on your hard drive or online. In addition to the time-saving benefits, they’re highly reusable. It’s very easy to update your notecards when the information changes.

They’re great for learning anything you want

If your goal is to improve your long-term memory and recall, then you’re going to need a way to review the material quickly, easily and frequently over time. If your flashcards are sitting on the shelf collecting dust, it can be a learning barrier. You can eliminate that barrier with a simple learning system that makes your notes visible and quickly accessible for getting and reviewing information.

That’s exactly why the ProSimpli notecard sleeves were created.

With the ProSimpli index card holder, you engage in active learning by documenting the information you’ve learned, and then placing it in a location that you will see regularly as you go about your day (ex: cubicle, office wall, etc.). It’s a simple decision that can have a major impact on your ability to remember and recall.

Our mission is to give people a better notes system that helps them learn faster.

More benefits:

  1. they remove learning barriers when placed in a highly visible area
  2. they can store any information you want to learn
  3. they encourage active learning
  4. allows you to revisit the concepts overtime (spacing and repetition)
  5. provides a quick reference when you need to remember
  6. easy to update with new information and new note cards
  7. easy to install, no mounting or tools required
  8. minimizes damage to your walls
  9. allows you to organize the layout of cards for different subjects

Whether you want to learn faster, or just a system to organize your notes / index cards, the ProSimpli 3×5 inch Index Card Holder Sleeve is the solution you’re looking for.

When you can see your notes and access the information quickly, easily and regularly, you can learn more information faster, and longer than you would be able to otherwise.

3x5 Index Card Holder Organizer Note Taking System

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