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Learn faster and smarter

Don’t let your notes sit on the shelf collecting dust! Put them in a place you will see them regularly to learn anything you want faster! Your subconscious mind will reinforce the concepts automatically every time you glance at them.

Just Look At All These Features And Benefits

Easy To Hang

Just 2 regular push pins is all you need to hang up to 20 notecards at a time.

Minimize Damage To Walls

Minimize the damage to your walls. Can you imagine what your walls would look like if you tacked 20 notecards?

Clear Quality, Low Glare

Only the highest quality clear plastic is used to give you crystal clear visibility with low glare from light sources.

Professional, Not Tacky

Most pocket charts have a colored canvas background. Our clear pocket charts look professional in all settings.

A Better Sticky Note Alternative

Sticky notes loose their stickiness, fall off and look like clutter. Our sleeves organize many cards in one centralized area.

Spaces Learning Over Time

Whether it’s a quick glance or a focused effort, each time you review helps reinforce the concepts over time.

Backed By Research

Reviewing notes exactly when you start to forget is key to learning and retaining knowledge over time.

Quick Accessibility

Sorting through a stack of notecards by hand is inefficient. ProSimpli sleeves provide quick access with a simple glance.

Compact Design

Index card slots are designed to be close together to minimize space between them for a condensed layout.

Many Uses

Not limited to note-taking! Many have used ProSimpli sleeves in creative ways.

Add New Cards Anytime

Learning something new? Remove cards that you have learned and replace with new ones anytime!

Used By Many Different People

Toddlers learning ABCs, office workers in cubicles, teachers in the classroom, self-learners in their home office. Many more!

Encourages Active Learning

It’s proven that watching videos or reading isn’t as powerful as experiencing and engaging with what you learn.