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ProSimpli 3x5 Index Card Holder Sleeve
3" x 5" Index Card Holder Sleeve
Visually display your notes, lists, goals, tasks, teaching material, reminders, meal plans, dinner ideas, workouts ...
Five Different ProSimpli Index Card Sleeve Sizes
Five Different Sizes to Choose
Our 3" x 5" index card sleeves come in 5 different sizes: 20-card, 16-card, 12-card, 10-card and 5-card.
Engage with your students in a fun, creative and interactive way
Teachers in the Classroom
Create, display and re-use as teaching aids for years to come. Displays easily on bulletin boards with just two push pins.
Early Childhood Development and Education
Early Childhood Education
Help children practice their shapes, letters, digraphs, numbers, colors, and sight words with fewer barriers.
Office cubicle notes holder
Business Office Settings
Used by business professionals in offices, cubicles, meeting rooms, board rooms and break rooms. Great for collaborating!
16-card Index Card Holder Sleeve for 3" x 5" Index Cards
16-Card Index Card Holder
4 rows, 4 columns. Visually display your notes, lists, goals, tasks, teaching material, reminders, schedule, and more.
16-card 3x5 Index Card Holder Sleeve for Recipe Cards
Recipe Card Holder
Display your recipe cards, go-to dinner ideas, meal plans, and shopping list in one hands-free and easy to see location.
16-card 3x5 Index Card Holder Sleeve for Jeopardy Gameboard
Jeopardy Game Board
Make your own Jeopardy game board. The perfect activity for testing student comprehension in the classroom.
16-card 3x5 Index Card Holder Sleeve for Wall Art
Easy DIY Wall Art
Create beautiful DIY wall art that looks great and is easy to hang. It's easy! Print a large print and cut, or print 3"x5" pieces.
12-pocket Index Card Holder Sleeve
12-Card Index Card Holder
4 rows, 3 columns, 12-pocket index card holder sleeve for 3" x 5" index cards. Display notes, photos, goals, and more.
Display Your Goals, Desires and Sayings Prominently
Vision Board
Use ProSimpli index card holders to stay motivated, disciplined, and focused on your goals, desires and ambitions.
Young Woman Looks at Notes Displayed in ProSimpli Index Card Holder Sleeve
College Students
Learn faster, retain more information and get better grades by making your notes visible, accessible and easy to review.
ProSimpli 10-Pocket Index Card Holder Sleeve for 3x5-inch Cards
10-Card 3"x5" Index Card Holder
5 rows, 2 columns, displays up to 10 3x5-inch index cards or photos.
Photo Holder Sleeve Made Into Beautiful Wall Art
10 Pockets of Creativity
ProSimpli index card holders can be used to create montages and works of art.
Display Classroom Jobs for Students in the Classroom
Classroom Helper Job Chart
Did someone say line leader? Create and update classroom job assignments for students in preschool or kindergarten.
ProSimpli 5-pocket Index Card Holder Sleeve
5-Card 3x5 Index Card Holder
Display up to 5 (five) 3x5-inch index cards. Combine side-by-side with other index card holder sizes.
Teach Children Beginner Sight Words Daily
Sight Words
Teachers, parents and caregivers use our index card sleeves to teach sight words to preschoolers and kindergarteners.
4-Pocket Card Holder Sleeve for 4" x 6" Index Cards and Photos
4-Card 4x6 Index Card Holder
Display 4" x 6" photo prints, recipe cards, or index cards in ProSimpli four-pocket index card sleeves. 4 rows, 1 column.
8-Pocket Card Holder Sleeve for 4" x 6" Index Cards and Photos
8-Card 4x6 Index Card Holder
Display 4" x 6" photo prints, recipe cards, or index cards in ProSimpli eight-pocket index card sleeves. 4 rows, 2 columns.
3x5 Self-Adhesive Index Card Sleeves from ProSimpli
Clear Adhesive Pocket Sleeves
Label storage bins, totes, notebooks, desks and more with our self-adhesive index card holder sleeves.
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Learn faster and smarter

Don’t let your notes sit on the shelf collecting dust! Put them in a place you will see them regularly to learn anything you want faster! Your subconscious mind will reinforce the concepts automatically every time you glance at them.

Just Look At All These Features And Benefits

Easy To Hang

Just 2 regular push pins is all you need to hang up to 20 notecards at a time.

Minimize Damage To Walls

Minimize the damage to your walls. Can you imagine what your walls would look like if you tacked 20 notecards?

Clear Quality, Low Glare

Only the highest quality clear plastic is used to give you crystal clear visibility with low glare from light sources.

Professional, Not Tacky

Most pocket charts have a colored canvas background. Our clear pocket charts look professional in all settings.

A Better Sticky Note Alternative

Sticky notes loose their stickiness, fall off and look like clutter. Our sleeves organize many cards in one centralized area.

Spaces Learning Over Time

Whether it’s a quick glance or a focused effort, each time you review helps reinforce the concepts over time.

Backed By Research

Reviewing notes exactly when you start to forget is key to learning and retaining knowledge over time.

Quick Accessibility

Sorting through a stack of notecards by hand is inefficient. ProSimpli sleeves provide quick access with a simple glance.

Compact Design

Index card slots are designed to be close together to minimize space between them for a condensed layout.

Many Uses

Not limited to note-taking! Many have used ProSimpli sleeves in creative ways.

Add New Cards Anytime

Learning something new? Remove cards that you have learned and replace with new ones anytime!

Used By Many Different People

Toddlers learning ABCs, office workers in cubicles, teachers in the classroom, self-learners in their home office. Many more!

Encourages Active Learning

It’s proven that watching videos or reading isn’t as powerful as experiencing and engaging with what you learn.