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Wall-Mounted Index Card Holder

Have you ever thought about hanging your index cards or flashcards on your wall? We did, and we tried everything that existed at the time, but none of those solutions were optimal.

That’s why we invented our wall-mounted index card holder!

Keep reading to learn about the things we tried and why our ProSimpli wall-mounted index card holder sleeve is the optimal solution.

Wall-Mounted Index Card Holder Examples

Before we go into our wall-mounted index card holder and why it’s the best solution to hanging index cards, let’s briefly touch on the other solutions that we tried.

Other Solutions We Tried

Remember while you read this…

The notes you write on index cards or sticky notes are essentially INFORMATION. Our goal here is to find the best way to make this information that we care about VISIBLE and quickly accessible.

Sticky Notes or Post-it Notes

Sticky Notes or Post-it Notes All Over The Wall

We tried hanging sticky notes on our wall, but what ended up happening is the sticky notes would lose their stickiness and fall off the wall. We got into this game of playing “pick up the sticky notes” every day!

We first tried the regular sticky notes with the adhesive bar along the top. When those didn’t work, we bought sticky notes with FULL adhesion across the entire backing of the sticky note.

You would THINK that would have worked, but it didn’t. The full-stick notes corners started to curl and eventually, they too fell off. It could have been our wall’s surface, or it could have been a million other reasons.

Bottom-line: sticky notes don’t stick well to walls.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards to Hang Index Cards

Bulletin boards are awesome and versatile products. You can pin up more than just index cards or flash cards! You’ll see nice images like the one above and think “Yeah! Bulletin boards are the answer!”

A lot of people’s bulletin board install won’t look like the image above (a perfect world). What most people do is try to find a medium-sized bulletin board on Amazon for a good value (price vs quality).

When the bulletin board arrives, you first need to mount it. Depending on the size, this might require mounting tools.

After you get it mounted, you then might learn about the problems with bulletin boards:

  • requires you to put larger holes in your wall
  • board knocks against wall when you pin something
  • cork “thin” or not deep enough
  • made from cheap parts
  • can scratch, dent, warp or break
  • unpleasant smells (might wear off)

These are not deal-breakers but are merely things we noticed and didn’t like when we tried bulletin boards. Again, we LOVE bulletin boards, but like all products (even ours), they have their pros and cons.

Bottom-line: bulletin boards are versatile and a good solution for holding index cards but you need to find a good one and be willing to install it.

Clothespins on Wall

Clothespin Wall Push Pins

This idea is a pretty simple one. You can buy clothespin wall push pins. Here are some on Amazon by seller Granmp. If you want to go this route, you can learn more about these Granmp’s push pin thumbtacks.

As with any thumbtacks or push pins that you are pushing into your wall, it’s going to leave behind tiny little holes. If you plan to hang just a few index cards on your wall, these clothespin push pins might be the way to go for you.

However, if you need to hang a lot of index cards on your wall, going this route will put a lot of holes in your wall. How do we know? We DID IT! It wasn’t ideal for us.

Bottom-line: Wooden clothespin push pin tacks are good for cork boards or bulletin boards, but if you plan to hang a lot of index cards on your bare wall with these, it will do some damage in terms of small holes all over.

Push Pins or Tape

Push pins or tape holding pieces of paper to the wallWe also tried regular push pins and tape to hang our index cards on our wall. Again, if you are planning to hang only a few index cards, push pins or tape might be a good solution for you.

However, if you plan to cover your wall with index cards, tape or push pins is not a great way to go.

Tape has the potential to rip off your wall paint.

Push pins for every single index card puts a bunch of tiny holes in your wall.

Bottom-line: Tape or push pins are a good idea if you plan to hang a few index cards, but hanging a lot of index cards on your wall has the potential to damage them when you decide to take the cards down.

Clothesline with Clothespins

Clothes line string and clothespins holding index cards

After we thought we tried everything, we ran across this idea – use pieces of string as a clothesline and clothespins to hang many index cards on your wall.

This approach is a very arts and crafts approach. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I wasn’t looking to make my room all artsy… I just wanted the index cards to hang in a practical, organized and professional manner.

Check out our Pinterest Hanging Wall Photo Decor board to get various idea of how this concept works. Follow us on Pinterest!

Pros with the clothesline method:

  • puts fewer holes in your wall than the push pin method
  • looks nice
  • freedom to design and express yourself
  • ability to hold a large capacity

Cons with the clothesline method:

  • not very practical or professional
  • cards get lopsided when they hang
  • whole system is delicate
  • not cheap (surprisingly!)

Bottom-line: damages your wall less but a bit artsy and impractical for us. Ability to hold many index cards at once so that’s a great feature about this approach! What do you think? Leave us a comment below!

Pocket Charts

Wall-Hanging and Wall-Mounting Pocket Charts

Pocket charts are often seen in daycare centers and elementary schools. They generally have bright child-like colors as you can see in the above image from Amazon.

Pocket charts can easily be used to hang index cards, flash cards, sight words, ABCs, and more. In our opinion, their ability to hold index cards is overshadowed by their unsightly and child nursery-like appearance.

In plain English: they are unsightly and not something you’d want to hang up in a professional environment like at work or in an office.

Bottom-line: pocket charts will work for holding index cards; however, you will have to be OK with their bright canvas background and appearance.

OUR Wall-mounted Index Card Holder Sleeve

ProSimpli 3x5-inch Index Card Plastic Sleeve Uses

After trying all of the ideas above, we said:

We need a practical, professional way to hang index cards on our wall without damaging our walls, and it has to look nice.

That’s why we invented our ProSimpli index card holder wall-hanging sleeve.

Why do we think it’s better?

  1. Lightweight
  2. Mounts and hangs easily with just two push pins
  3. Different sizes (holds 5 – 20 index cards)
  4. No complicated installation
  5. No special tools required
  6. Looks nice (blends in anywhere)
  7. Very professional (not something you’ll be embarrassed to hang)

Realistically, what are some potential problems?

  1. Plastic might rip or tear
  2. Plastic seams might come undone
  3. Unrolling step when you first receive your sleeve(s) (takes 12 – 24 hours, just need to give plastic some time to flatten is all).

We quality-check all our products before packing it up and shipping to you. If you were to try our product out and found a problem, you would just need to reach out to us, let us know, and we’ll make it right, period.

We started this business to offer people a good solution to hanging index cards on their wall. We want you to be happy and it to work for you.


When you want to hang index cards on your wall, you have several possible ways to do it as we’ve shared in this post.

Your turn! Which approach do you like? Have you tried any of these approaches yourself? How did it go?

Leave us a comment below right now and share your experiences!


We are ProSimpli. Search for our products at Amazon! We specialize in creating innovated index card products that help teachers, self-learners, parents and businesses store notes, recipes, meal ideas, tasks, photos and more! Leave us a comment and tell us how YOU plan to use our products!

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