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Office Cubicle Notes System

Office cubicle notes holder
Office cubicle notes holder for storing and organizing notes.

How many times have you been working in your office cubicle and you had to access some kind of information that you use frequently, but not frequently ENOUGH to dedicate it to memory?

We all do that.

It can become a problem though if we waste a lot of time looking it up repeatedly overtime.

A better idea is to use a notes storage system in your office cubicle.

You probably haven’t heard of many office cubicle notes systems because what most people do is just buy sticky notes and plaster them all over.

This can create a lot of clutter and is not very organized. Plus, sticky notes are annoying. They lose their stickiness and fall off. You then step on it and walk around unknowingly with a pink or neon green piece of paper under your shoe.

What other people do is use a lot of thumbtacks in their office cubicle. This is better than sticky notes but if you need to do this a lot, it still doesn’t look professional and can turn into a collage where it’s hard to find the information you actually need.

What you might consider instead is using our index card holder.

Index card holder sleeve that can hold up to 20 index cards / notecards
With 3×5 index cards in each pocket.

This gives you up to 20 3″ x 5″ index cards that you can use for office cubicle notes. You can put anything you want inside the pouches. Some common ideas are:

  • to-dos or tasks for the day
  • project tracking so you know whether you’re on schedule or not
  • “leave a note” for when you’re not at your desk
  • telephone numbers
  • password hints (be careful with this one!)
  • pictures of your loved ones
  • drawings from your kids
  • a cut up image of a palm tree in a mosaic of sorts
  • … you get the point

The ideas are endless!

Best of all, your office notes will set a professional and organized tone for your office cubicle. It looks professional because our sleeves are made of high-quality clear plastic. They’re durable. They’re awesome.

So the next time you are looking through your online note-taking system for that phone number, password or “how-to” note, think about how much time you could save if you had our simple office cubicle notes system.


We are ProSimpli. Search for our products at Amazon! We specialize in creating innovated index card products that help teachers, self-learners, parents and businesses store notes, recipes, meal ideas, tasks, photos and more! Leave us a comment and tell us how YOU plan to use our products!

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