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Index Card Organizer You Can Hang

Usually index card organizers usually look like this…

Index card organizer box
Typical index card organizer

There’s nothing wrong or bad about these types of index card holders. In-fact, I own one myself. They are primarily good at storing and preserving index cards.

For example, as a recipe card holder box.

Where these types of index card organizers tend to not be so good is in a school or learning setting.

Index cards don’t do you any good sitting in a box or in a stack somewhere collecting dust.

If your goal is to memorize and remember the material, you need to make your notes visible to give yourself plenty of opportunities to encounter and review the material.

For example, if you were studying for a test, which approach would you prefer? The box method (above). OR, “the glance method”…

ProSimpli Index card organizer in an office setting

Unlike the box method, our product allows you to professionally place your index cards on any wall with two normal push pins.

No damaging your wall or complex installation process.

They look great because they’re clear and will blend in with their existing environment.

Visit our ProSimpli index card organizer product page to learn more.

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