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ProSimpli 3×5 Clear Adhesive Pockets for Index Cards

Are you looking for a sticky-backed clear adhesive pocket sleeve that can hold 3″ x 5″ index cards? If you are, you will love our clear adhesive pockets!

50-per-box, each adhesive pocket sleeve has built-in extra margin to allow 3×5 index cards to fit comfortably and not too tight.

The adhesive sticky backing is adequate for most use-cases and won’t lose its stickiness. You can place and remove the clear pocket sleeves after placing them without worry that it will damage the thing you placed them on.
ProSimpli 3X5 Adhesive Index Card Holder Sleeves


Labeling Storage Bins

The main use-case for adhesive pocket sleeves is on storage bins or containers. Get organized by labeling bins and totes so you can always find what you’re looking for with a quick glance.
ProSimpli Adhesive Storage Bin Label Holder Sleeves


Labeling Cloth Fabric Toy Bins

People also use our clear adhesive pockets on cloth fabric toy bins. In our testing, it works OK, but not great. Cloth is tricky because the adhesive doesn’t have a solid surface to stick to. Our sleeves do work, but it’s just not the most ideal scenario.

I think most adhesive pocket sleeves will have a problem with adhering to clothe surfaces in general.

ProSimpli Self Adhesive Cloth Toy Bin Pocket Sleeves


Labeling Journals and Notebooks

If you need to label journals or notebooks, ProSimpli adhesive pockets can help with that too. They stick great to these types of surfaces and materials.

We’ve also seen our customers use our product as a library card pocket inside books. The use-cases are endless here!
ProSimpli Notebook Binder Clear Adhesive Pockets


Where To Buy ProSimpli Clear Adhesive Pockets

Visit our Amazon listing here:

3×5 Adhesive Pocket Sleeves

At the time of this writing, our customers have expressed to us that they find our product useful, of good quality and high value. If you do purchase from us, we hope you let us know by leaving a review! We’d really appreciate it.
Clear Adhesive Pocket Sleeves

Need more than a few boxes?

If you need many boxes, be sure to contact us through our bulk order form. A minimum bulk order consists of 40 or more boxes.


We are ProSimpli. Search for our products at Amazon! We specialize in creating innovated index card products that help teachers, self-learners, parents and businesses store notes, recipes, meal ideas, tasks, photos and more! Leave us a comment and tell us how YOU plan to use our products!

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