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Unrolling, Unfolding, Flattening Your ProSimpli Index Card Holder Sleeve

Unrolling Your ProSimpli Index Card Sleeve

In this getting started video, the gist is, get something heavy but soft (like books) and place them on top of the areas where you can see folds.

The plastic used is soft plastic so it’s very pliable and will flatten usually within 24 hours but definitely over a longer period of time – especially when you have notecards in the pouches. We recommend using the heavyweight notecards because they’re thicker and slide in easier.

You also might be wondering why we folded the product at the top. The reason is shipping unfortunately. Trust us when we say, we didn’t want to do this! We wanted to make the best product we could while throwing product dimensions to the wind. Later we discovered that shipping would have been astronomical because of its dimensions. That’s why we had to fold the top portion.

We tested unfolding the product ourselves after being folded at the top and it did flatten for us but if you experienced any problems because of this, please use our Contact Us form on our page and let us know!