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Our Story

Where the idea came from

Jarad Collier – the creator of the ProSimpli Index Note Card Holder – is a Python programmer. He is a committed life-long learner that’s curious and interested in learning new things every day.

One day, he started learning about a Python web framework named Django and quickly realized that it’s impossible to just learn Django by itself because web development is a compilation of many other languages that come together.

For example, if you want to learn Django, it’s good to know: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Javascript frameworks, git, deployment solutions… and so on.

With such a huge amount of information to learn, and then hopefully remember, it feels very overwhelming. But, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Like most beginner developers, Jarad started taking notes to capture what he had learned on dry erase whiteboards, chalkboards, bulletin boards, sticky notes, index cards and digital online notes systems. All of these solutions had their advantages and disadvantages.

Jarad really liked taking notes on index cards because it promoted active learning, he could write them in his own words, and capture the information that he wanted to remember. But he couldn’t hang them easily unless he wanted to install a bulky bulletin board or push pin each card individually to his wall (creating many holes).

That’s where the idea for the ProSimpli Index Card Organizer came about. It’s a simple solution that looks nice anywhere, is easy to hang with just two push pins, can hold a lot of notes / information, and makes the notes visible and accessible as opposed to a stack of notecards sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Other advantages were gained that he didn’t expect such as learning by repetition and no more sorting through a stack of notecards to find the one specific card you’re trying to remember.

The take-away: making your notes visible, accessible and organized can help you tackle any learning goal you have no matter how difficult it might be. You can do it, and the ProSimpli Index Card Holder sleeves can be a powerful learning tool in your journey.